14TH x Caribou T-Shirt [14TH-CARIBOU001]

14TH x Caribou T-Shirt [14TH-CARIBOU001]

30 GBP

14TH-CARIBOU001 is an exclusive collaboration between OneForTheHeads and Dan Snaith of Caribou. It features an all-over-print of the Jason Evans & Matthew Cooper-designed album artwork for 'Our Love' on the front and back. This t-shirt is limited to an edition of 800 pieces and is now only available to purchase in person at Caribou live shows during their 2014 & 2015 EU tours.

'Our Love' is Caribou's sixth studio album to date, and the first since 2010's groundbreaking 'Swim'.

"My initial impulse was to make something for everybody to listen to and that’s such a shift for me. There’s more of me in the music than there ever has been, for sure. It used to be that I closed the doors, and the only thing that ended up in the music was whatever was spontaneously generated there and then. Now it’s much more typical that I’ll get to work for a couple hours on something, then I’ll take my daughter to a museum with some friends of ours. Everything is happening all at the same time and bottled up together. And I think that’s good.
Everything in love – with a partner or with a child or with your family or with your friends – all those things are complicated. I hadn’t had those experiences before, the frustrations of having somebody that is not responding rationally or even understanding what you’re saying. One of the main things I took away from it was that the most important thing is just being there in each other’s presence. There are a lot of times where my daughter and I are just, like, sitting on the floor with a Lego or something, and that’s the important thing."
Dan Snaith.

'Our Love' is out now on City Slang.
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